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Reliability Races

The Pyeongchang winter Olympics has wind, snow and ice. Why then are the 2018 Yorkshire Reliability rides not part of the South Korean games?   Each year and across eight consecutive Sundays, cyclists in Yorkshire gather to batter the legs and stamina in a series of events that really test the clothing and not the rider…. Read more »

Train like a professional!

Sometimes it’s very difficult to be consistent when cycling; family life and busy work schedules are always going to pose as obstacles. So how do we find a way to mimic the professional cycling lifestyle, without it interfering with our personal lives? Watching your favourite cyclist fly down the ‘Tour De France route’ can often… Read more »

Interview with Journalist Trevor Ward – Part 1

Journalist Trevor Ward writes about cycling for a living and appears to have the dream job. From riding Ventoux for Cyclist magazine to reporting closer to home for The Guardian, he’s a man for all weathers.   Spokesman caught up with him at home in Scotland. What came first, the cycling or the journalism? Cycling.  The… Read more »