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Cycling 101

Train like a professional!

Sometimes it’s very difficult to be consistent when cycling; family life and busy work schedules are always going to pose as obstacles. So how do we find a way to mimic the professional cycling lifestyle, without it interfering with our personal lives? Watching your favourite cyclist fly down the ‘Tour De France route’ can often… Read more »

How Should You Choose a Bike Jersey

Which Spokesman jersey is right for you? Read the Spokesman guide. Selecting the correct performance wear is very important, not just in cycling. Our jerseys are designed to perform a number of functions, absorb perspiration, improve aerodynamics, be functional and importantly stylish. Our jerseys are available in a variety of sizes and colours with the… Read more »

Spokesman’s Dales café round-up

No ride is complete without the cafe stop, and the Yorkshire Dales are blessed with the finest hosts and cake-makers in the land. Jonathan Brownlee is reported to have said the Wharfe View at Burnsall was a cornerstone of his training programme, and Tom Pidcock mentioned the Cavendish at Bolton Abbey when interviewed as part… Read more »

Rider on the storm

Developed in Italy our Stormrider 1 and Stormrider 2 membrane has revolutionised the waterproof breathable category, by creating a ‘dry system’ which instantly vents the moisture that typically builds up inside your garments as you sweat. The lightweight jerseys are windproof and four way stretch, which creates a second skin feeling. COLD BLACK SUN REFLECTOR… Read more »