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Rider on the storm

Developed in Italy our Stormrider 1 and Stormrider 2 membrane has revolutionised the waterproof breathable category, by creating a ‘dry system’ which instantly vents the moisture that typically builds up inside your garments as you sweat. The lightweight jerseys are windproof and four way stretch, which creates a second skin feeling.


Dark colours are known to heat up in direct sunlight more than light colours because they absorb both the visible and invisible elements of the sun’s rays. We treat our dark coloured jerseys with Coldblack® which guarantees a minimum UV protection of UPF 30.


For protection we use a perforated stretch, reflective material which is coated with thousands of glass microspheres which are highly reflective

New Zealand merino sport wool™, the fabric has a polyester facing for durability but a merino inner layer for thermoregulation it is a soft and comfortable fabric which is also highly